Angel Heart consultation

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Angel Heart E-consultation

Angel Heart E-consultation bannerAn Angel Heart E-consultation aims to help you with your questions. Angels are divine messengers of God. These multi-dimensional beings of light are there to help and assist you. As they will never act against your free will, it is important to ask them for their help when you need it. They are always there, but it is up to us to open up to their support and signs.

 The Angel Heart E-consultation is designed to give you insights in your current situation. It is inspired and overseen by the angels and connects from heart to heart. What you do with the insights in this consultation is entirely up to you. No matter who gives you advice, make sure to follow your own intuition and wisdom and use only that information that resonates within you deeply.

The e-consultation consists of a summary of your situation and question(s). These are the starting point of the rest of the consultation, consisting of:

  • A coaching answer to your situation and question
  • Information about the (Arch-) angel(s) that can aid you in your situation
  • Advice how you can call in the angel(s)
  • A series of customized affirmations just for you
  • An angelic visualization exercise
  • A short reading with angel cards

In the Angel Heart E-Consultation I work with the angels in helping you on your path. I do so by using my training in many fields of healing and spiritual expertise, including my training as an Certified Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

How to order

Order the Angel E-consultation here. Then email me about your situation and questions and a attach digital photo of yourself for me to tune into ( I strive to do your e-consultation within 2 weeks. Should it take longer due to special circumstances, I will let you know immediatly. When on holiday, this will be mentioned on the welcome page and the two weeks will commence after return. 


  • The consultation and the angels do not make decisions for you. What it does do is give you directions for you to follow.
  • If you suffer from physical and / or psychological symptoms, make sure that you always consult a doctor or psychologist as well.


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