Unicorn blessing

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Sending a unicorn blessings is a loving spiritual practice where I ask the unicorns for a special blessing for you. I make a little unicorn altar, clear and attune the space and ask the same may happen to your space. I then send the blessing with any special intention needed for you at this time. 

a unicorn blessing can help you reach a more positive state of mind and being. Afterwards I send you an email with any insights or tings I have percieved such as colours or qualities the unicorns have sent. 

Pelae use the comment field to let me know which times and days are best for you. I will let you know if these are not doable for me. I usually send blessings in the afternoons of work days. you can also let me know what you would need the unicorns help with. 

It is helpful if you send me a photo of yourself, so I can send the energy to you more easily. You can email this to cathelijne@angellightheart.nl. 

I always try to plan the uncicorn blessing wihtin 1-2 weeks, depending on both our schedules and will let you know if it will take longer (such as in the case of holidays). Try to make sure you have time to rest and relax without being disturbed when receiving the blessing. 

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