Unicorn wand

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This wand connects you to the unicorns and helps you focus your clearest and purest intentions from the heart. It helps to manifest from the soul, not ego. It is appr. 15,5 cm

About magic wands

Would you like to focus your intentions for the better? Would you like to connect to the realms of faery, elementals and light beings? Would you like to unlock the magical potential of your soul and become a co-creator of your own life?  

Magic Wands can help you do just that. They focus and project magical force and are often used to mark out magical boundaries - like circles within which you can safely perform magical functions like spells, conjuring of magical beings or astral travel. While in a magically prescribed circle - drawn with a wand you are protected from negative forces.  You can also use a wand to focus and project healing positive force.  The only limit is your imagination.  

All my wands are made with love, light and positive intention. They are attuned to the magical beings and sprayed with Crystal Angel Essences to raise their vibration. 

You can learn more about ways to use wands in a video I made for you >>

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