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You can now order your very own mystical guide drawing. 

It connects you more deeply to your guide. I attune to your picture and name and ask which mystical guide is helping you with your current themes or issues. I then connect to it through my higher self and let myself be guided to intuitively draw it for you. 

Many people know about angels and spirit guides. Angels are multi dimensional beings and I draw them in my intuitive angel drawings. And many know there are guides like loved ones that have passed away or guides such as White Eagle. 

Yet in these times of great change and transformation, more and more people are opening up to their spiritual helpers and I often see and expansion of ones ‘Spirit Guide Team’. I have personally experienced my Atlantean Guide, Golden Dragon Guide, two Unicorn Guides and several Angel Dolphins. They help me with sepcific issues.

As they are such a wonderful support to me, I have started to also draw other peoples Mystical Spirit Guides. I always ask the guide is of 100% pure light!

I usually make and ship the drawing in 1-2 weeks. If there is a waitinglist, i will let you know. : 

Send me an email with your name, photo and current themes after ordering. You can send it to P.S. When this drawing is a gift for someone else, please make sure they agree to it. 

You can find more exapmples on my Pinterest.

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