Healing Heart Angel (without glaze)

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A one of a kind sculpture for healing and spiritual growth

Why not order an angel sculpture made especially for you? You can give input and tell me what you want the Healing Heart Angel to portray.


Healing Heart Angels:

  • are custommade angel sculptures
  • bring angelic energy into the room
  • are a great focus for meditation
  • give supprt in challenging times and inspiration onyour spiritual path

 Healing Heart Angels are:

  • attuned to your energy and those qualities you need at this time
  • made under guidance of the angels and archangels
  • accompanied by a spiritual message (usually one or two pages
  • attuned to angelic virbation by infusion with an angel essence from Crystal Angel Essences
  • attuned to Angelic Reiki.

​After ordering the angel, please send me an email (info@angellightheart.com) with your wishes, the quality or qualities you need the help of the angels with, a recent picture, your full name and date of birth. Should this be a gift for someone else, please make sure they will be ok with the proces of connecting to their energy and their angels. 

As these sculptures are custommade and consist of a long proces of sculpting, drying, firing in the kiln etc, please allow 4-8 weeks for their creation. If you need it at a certain date, please let me know in advance. 

You can see many more examples of my Healing Heart Angels at: www.facebook.com/HealingHeartAngels

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