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  • Akashic Angels Essence
    Akashic Angels Essence

    This powerful Crystal Angel Essence:

    ∙ conects your to the Akashic Records
    ∙ provides information about past lives, the future and your Divine Blueprint
    ∙ brings truth and acknowledgment of your True Self
    ∙ helps to make…

    € 16,95
  • Angels of Atlantis
    Angels of Atlantis

    This beautiful Crystal Angel Essence:

    ∙ connects you to the energy of Golden Atlantis
    ∙ stimulates pure, spiritual development
    ∙ helps to live from the integrity of the soul
    ∙ helps you to take respondibility for yourself…

    € 16,95
  • Guardian Angel Essence
    Guardian Angel Essence

    This wonderful Crystal Angel Essence:

    ∙ connects you to your guardian angel, higher Self and your highest spiritual level
    ∙ helps you to walk your soul's true path wih the help of your guardian angel connection
    ∙ opens you…

    € 16,95
  • Mother Mary Essence
    Mother Mary Essence

    This beautiful Crystal Angel Essence:

    ∙ brings compassion and (spiritual) self care
    ∙ helps to connect to the Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine
    ∙ supports in difficult times
    ∙ helps you to be loving towards your inner…

    € 16,95
  • Star Seed Essence
    Star Seed Essence

    This beautiful Crystal Angel Essence:

    ∙ supports Star Seeds (always known as Incarnated Star People)
    ∙ helps them spread their Star Light
    ∙ helps those who do not feel at home on Earth
    ∙ helps connect to Galactic Masters,…

    € 16,95
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