Mother Mary Essence

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This beautiful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • brings compassion and (spiritual) self care 
  • helps to connect to the Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine 
  • supports in difficult times  
  • helps you to be loving towards your inner child and those parts of you that need your compassion  
  • helps to be open to small and bigger miracles

Mother Mary

Mother Mary is the Queen of Angels and is known as the twin aspect of Archangel Raphael. Many sacred sites connected to Mother Mary are known for their miracles, such as Fatima in Portugal and Lourdes in France. During the attunement of this essence, the healing water of Lourdes was used to bring in Mother Mary's energy.  

Mary embraces you in compassion and mercy. She sends you gentle care during difficult and sad times. You can always ask for her help through prayer, meditation or by thinking of her. She will support you like the Cosmic Mother she is. 

She brings softness and gentleness to those aspects of you that are still hardened or surrounded by metaphorical walls. You may discover the strength of being vulnerable. She helps you to open up to all the love that is available to you and helps you take excellent care of yourself, both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

Mary also represents the Divine Feminine and is connected to the line of Goddesses, helping us to connect to that aspect within ourselves.  In this way we can contribute to the much needed balance between masculine and feminine energies on Earth. 

Let Mother Mary inspire you with her feminine and loving power as you use this essence. 

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