Guardian Angel Essence

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This wonderful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • connects you to your guardian angel, higher Self and your highest spiritual level 
  • helps you to walk your soul's true path wih the help of your guardian angel connection 
  • opens you up to the sublte messages of your guardian angels
  • gives you support in difficult times
  • helps you to open up to the Angelic Realms 
  • gives insight into you life lessons and softens them where possible

Guardian Angel

Every human being has a guardian angel from before birth till after death. You guardian angel overseas you life lessons and helps you to do those things you came here for on Earth. 

guaridan angels bring love, comfort and joy. They are endlessly supportive and compassionate. They protect and guide you, wherever you are or whatever you are doing.  

Guardian angels are like a good friend. They love you endlessly. you can be yourself in the rpesence of your guardian angel, without holding anything back. 

Guardian angels can do an intervention in certain situations. They take up their Light Sword and use Divine Power to do what is needed. In some instances they will protect you from harm. But they can never change a situation that your soul chose for its growth. In such instances, they will offer support and strength. They spread their light and stardust to soften life on earth and its many lessons. 

Sometimes you can see the presence of your guardian angel in an unexpected phenomenon, such as a power animal, rainbow or special rays of light shining though dark clouds. Angels can also send you messages through books, white feathers and coins. When you open up to your guardian angel, you will become more perceptive for these signs from your angel. 

Your guardian angel(s) are always close, so connect to them and ask them for help when needed. They love to help and are there for you with unconditional love and light. 


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