Akashic Angels Essence

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This powerful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • conects your to the Akashic Records
  • provides information about past lives, the future and your Divine Blueprint 
  • brings truth and acknowledgment of your True Self
  • helps to make choices based on your heart and soul instead of mind and ego 

Akashic Angels 

The Akashic Records hold all knowledge of the past, present and future. It is like a gigantic archive or library filled with all the information of the lives of all souls who have ever lived. As such it consists of world and personal history. 

You, like everyone else, is here at this special time with a unique reason. You have special things to experience, to learn, to contribute. Perhaps things to clear, forgive, let go of. Or to create and manifest. The Angels of the Akasha help remind you of all you have lived and all your possibilities. 

Make a difference in this life by living your soul purpose, even if this means working through old pain, chaning habbits and beliefs, letting go of outmoded thoughts. The Angels of the Akasha will help you work through blocks on the path towards your Divine Purpose. They will also help you when you need to make big or difficult decisions. Oftentimes it is at these life changing moments that old beliefs and wounds play up. These may originate in this life or past lives.  The Angels of the Akasha will help you chose from your heart and soul instead of from trauma and ego. This in turn will enable you to shine your true light.  Let these angels and this essence inspire you to live from Light and Love, rewriting your history NOW! 



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