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As Merlin has (re-)entered my life during my Lightwork in the U.K. this summer, I feel a deep inspiration to share his energy with others through a one-off Crystal Angel Essence for those who wish to connect with Merlin and all he stands for. 

Merlin and this Crystal Angel Essence attuned to him, help with:

  • Alchemy
  • Crystals
  • Divine magic
  • Energy work and healing
  • Prophecy and divination
  • Psychic abilities
  • Shape-shifting
  • Time-warping
  • Connecting to the wizard or wise woman within 
  • Turning the lead of fear into the gold of love
  • Transmuting lower 3D energies into higher 5D energies
  • Raising your vibration
  • Connecting to the deep healing and sacred powers of the earth


About connecting to Merlin

Merlin is very connected to nature and the ancient sacred places. As such when wanting to connect with him or use the essence, being outside is a plus. Merlin will know what your intentions are, but as every ascended master and spiritual guide of 100% light, he will not interfere until asked. Merlin especially want one to be ready and totally congruent about one’s goal in learning. He offers a path of learning and development, and so if you want a quick fix this is not the master to work with. 



Alchemy is a Mystical term for the transformation of heavy physical matter energies into higher vibration energies. Dense physical energy is heavy and laden with fear based thoughts and emotions. It is also laced with positive loving thoughts and emotions.

Merlin the Mystic Magician will, when asked, assist you in reconnecting with that special spark of magic within you, within your heart centre. He will help you transmute 3D consciousness and energy into 5D, when you are ready to do the inner work needed to accomplish this. 

He will help you become a co-creator from the Light. To do so this Master of Alchemy helps you to shift your energy. Remember, energy is everything and everything is energy. As such as you walk the path of the inner mystic, you are to transmute your fears into trust, hope, love and light. “True shifts in energy and consciousness leading to manifestation of soul dreams, must always come from the alchemical cauldron of the heart.”, Merlin says. “Words are very powerful, but the feelings that go with them are the true power. They are like the fire underneath the cauldron. You may put the words (thoughts/prayers) inside the cauldron, but you will need the heartfelt feelings to power them up and draw them to you. I am known as a Master of time and timelessness and as such I will help you to let go of hurts of the past and worries about the future, to be so very present in the NOW that you can enter the zero-point field from it in order to create truthful Light in your life in all you do.”


Magic of transformation

Sometimes it is the past that is holding us back as it keeps us stuck in old behaviour and thought patterns. It is at such times you will need to transform that which no longer serves you. As we work to move from 3D to 5D consciousness we need to let go of the old and embrace the new. To move from fear to love. From separation to unity consciousness. This requires a going within, to look at the patterns and to transmute them in your heart. Like Saint Germain, Merlin will also help you with this. It is through this process you will raise your vibration. 


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