Golden Lemurian Angel

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This beautiful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • connects you to the energy of the Golden period of Lemuria
  • brings you into contact with the Golden Ray of Healing and Resurrection
  • helps to activate your own light frequencies
  • helps you decipher and walk your true path
  • helps you to shine your own Light more clearly
  • contributes to increasing your vibration
  • helps you step into your power and your light
  • stimulates you to live from 5D consciousness

The Golden Lemurian Angel

I became acquainted with this intensely beautiful angel during the activation of Lemurian Golden Healers. She gave me the following message:

"I Am the Golden Angel of Healing and Resurrection. I carry the codes of the golden, healing Light. This very high frequency attunes you to Source, and your own Light frequencies. When these are activated, healing can take place at the deepest levels.

By placing a Golden Seed of Light in the Golden Healer Lemurian, it helps to restore these Light frequencies wihtin a person during healing. One's true path becomes clear and the light in one's heart and being flows more freely.

This golden Light helps to create a new Golden Age on earth. After all, if every person radiates his true light, then the vibration on the Earth increases exponentially.

When someone radiates his true Light, this person is fully anchored in his own soul energy and centered in the higher heart. The heart radiates this golden energy and thus creates a huge field of energy. This field increases the energy of everything that comes into contact with it, including the physical body of that person, but also his immediate environment. This is how the soul can rise up in that person. To activate this golden light field, the Golden Healer can be placed on the heart area. One can say:

* I anchor the golden Light of my Soul in my heart

* I beam Light and love to myself and everyone I meet.

* I walk my true path and let the Golden Light go for me, so that I always feel in my heart what the right path is for me.

* I now step into my strength and into my Light.

* I now bring the highest Light Codes from my Soul to earth. '

Whenever man falls back in the old behavior or thinking, which is part of the 3D reality, it is possible to choose to tune in to this Golden Field of Resurrection Light.

Simply take a bath of Light. Put the crystal on the heart and breathe the Golden Light deep into your being. Take the time to fully absorb it. Feel the deep power of it. It can bring warmth. You can feel the kundalini energy rising in your spine. There may be an enlargement in the heart.

Feel how you become this cosmic Light. Let it beam through all 3D situations and lift them to 5D or higher. It will immediately bring you back into your heart energy and thereby help to connect with the unity consciousness and with that the unconditional Love.

If you do not have a Golden Healer, ask me for help and I will put my hand on my heart to anchor the Golden Light.

Intention is everything. Crystals amplify intent and speed up and facilitate the process.

The golden Light of the Soul raises everything to its highest Blueprint. It purifies and transforms the lead of life into pure gold. Golden Light can always help to make the movement from 3D to 5D and higher.

From there it can be emitted. Never with the aim of sending or manipulating, but always for the highest good. Because when someone else comes into contact with such beautiful golden light, the chances are that it will start to vibrate. Nevertheless, people always have free will. I send you my golden codes of light and love. "

You can invoke this engel when spraying this essence in your aura or room. 

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