Personalized Angel Dream Spray

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I started making Personalized Angel Dream Sprays for the children of friends. This spray is attuned to the child and programmed with the intention to sleep and dream well.
Depending on the childs and its specific fears or difficulties I test which 2-4 of the Crystal Angel Essences need to be included in the Angel Dream Spray. After creating it, a little bit of lavender is added for gentle sleep. 
Use the spray in the corners of the bedroom and above the bed.
Children find this truly magical and feel more safe and at peace before sleep. But adults also like to order them and their inner child loves it.

Send a picture of the child or adult and email what problems are encountered (scary dreams, diffiuclty letting go of the day, monsters under the bed etc. ) You can email this to 

Should you or your child have difficulty with scents, than let me know and the lavender can be left out. 

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