Geodes are hollow bubbles in magma. When the outside cools down, water and gasses can get stuck in the bell and as time passes these minerals can become crystals on the inside of the bubble.  

What remains is a closed globe that, when openened, has a treasure of crystals inside.

Geodes symbolize rough on the outside, pretty on the inside....not just physicaly but emotionally as well. As such they help you to see the beauty in yourself and others. 

They also represent purity and harmony and they have a purifying and harmonising effect on the room or office they are in. 

The geode as a symbool of love and friendshop

I always try to sell two halfs of the geodes together. As such they represent two becoming one and are a great gift between lovers and friends, where each has one side of the whole to represent the relationship of friendship. 

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