Archangel Michael Essence

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This beautiful and powerful essence holds the energy of:

  • spiritual and energetic protection
  • self-esteem
  • trust in the Divine Will
  • clarity about your life purpose

By spraying this essence in your aura or home, you bring in the energy and qualities of Archangel Michael. 

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is probably the most well known of the archangels and his name means: "He who is as God".  

His sword of Light can be called in to cut away negative energetic cords that drain our energy. You can also envision this sword cutting away negative and fear based thoughts.

Michael defends all that is pure and true. He exudes great courage and power and can be called upon in times you feel unsafe. You can call on Michael for protection of self, loved ones, your home and even your car. 

Lastly he protects you psychically and spiritually. As such it is always wise to call on this archangel for spiritual protection before you do any meditation, healing, light work or other spiritual practice. This way only 100 % Light can come in.

Apart from his protection, you can also call on Michael to find clarity about your life purpose. He will help you find out what this higher goal is and he will help you take the steps to make any chenges needed in your life.  


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