Archangel Chamuel Essence

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This beautiful Crystal Angel Essence brings:

  • unconditional love
  • self-love
  • healing of the heart

It helps with:

  • regaining lost soul fragments
  • finding other aspects that are lost
  • attracting that which truly belongs to you and resonates with you. 

Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel is the very loving angel of the pink ray of Divine Love. That is why his name means "He who sees God". As such he helps us to see the Divine within. This angel of Universal Love helps us love ourselves in order to share this love with others.

This angel brings endless gentleness and love to help us heal and open our heart, which is the compass of our soul. The more we live from the heart, the more we bring in our soul energy, Chamuel brings peace whenever you need it. He also helps you find that which you seek, especially love or a soul mate. Lastly he helps return soul fragments you may have lost in past lives. 

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