Archangel Uriel Essence

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This powerful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • brings light, insight and new ideas
  • strengthens your inner wisdom
  • brings self confidence and discernment

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel, brings "the fire of God". When you start working with this archangel, you may experience an initiation, bringing to the surface ancient knowledge, wisdom and new insights.  You can ask Uriel to increase your inner wisdom and ask him to shine his light upon those things you feel unsure about. He can give you a new and higher perspective.

Uriel helps you to shine your inner light, stepping into your wise one within. This light may first bring to the fore old stuff that may have hindered your perception, and kept you in the dark. You will start to see your inner light and inner worth and become confident in following the wisdom within. 

This will bring discernment that will help you see through illusions to embrace the truth. Let your inner wisdom and light shine out in the world and decide to be present on Earth in the fullness of your being, your inner light and let it be a blessing for yourself and those you meet. 


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