Angels of Atlantis

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This beautiful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • connects you to the energy of Golden Atlantis
  • stimulates pure, spiritual development
  • helps to live from the integrity of the soul
  • helps you to take respondibility for yourself and your soul Path 

The Angels of Atlantis

The Angels of Atlantis are connected to the Golden Age of Atlantis. Earth has known several Golden Era's such as Atlantis and Lemuria. At this time a new foundation is built for a new Golden Age.  

As the sun breaks through the clouds of the old age, we are called to grow into spiritual humans living from great integrity.  We can leave behind past conditioning and work through unconscious programming to live more aware and mindfully. 

The Angels of Atlantis will help you connect to the wisdom and skills you had in the time of Golden Atlatnis and that are programmed into you Dive Blueprint. These skills may have been with you in former lives. During Golden Atlantis and Lemuria humans walked hand in hand with angels. Healing was done with the help of pure love, crystals, sound and colours that were so pure and clear they ignited healing within ones being.  Many of these forms of healing are now being rediscovered for the good of all. 

The Angels of Atlantis give you the strength to be tru to your Divine Blueprint! It is of the utmost importanse to look at the times and situations when you give your power away to others. You are your own master and you are responsible for your own spiritual journey! This essence will help you take full responsibility for your life and creations and will help you respect yourself. As such it will be possible to live from unitiy Consciousness and bring in the Light of your Higher Self into your daily reality.  

The last batch of this Crystal Angel Essence is no longer fit for internal use, but remains wonderful for use as an aura spray, rooms spray or to add to your bath. Because it is passed the due date for internal use, it comes at a great discount. 

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