Earth Dragon Essence

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This beautiful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • connects you to Dragon Energy
  • helps you to be in harmony with your body 
  • helps with grounding and centring
  • improves your connection to the Earth

Earth Dragon

Dragons are archetypes, but are also experienced as angelic beings that carry cosmic fire. As such they can act as our spiritual guides. More and more people are currently opening up to Dragon Energy. Dragons can support you on your spiritual path and help you improve your personal power, wellbeing and healing. 

Earth Dragon is connected to Mother Earth and the North. This dragon helps you ground and connect to earth. It helps you become centred. Only when you are grounded and centered will you be able to stand in your true power. Earth Dragon will also help you haronize within your body, connecting to it. This will balance the masculine and feminine within, the chakra's and meridians. Heals holes in the aura. 

Dragon Essences can be used when doing Lightwork on the ley lines, sometimes called dragon lines. 


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