Fire Dragon

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This beautiful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • connects you to Dragon Energy
  • helps you follow your passion and live your dream 
  • helsp you to move outside your comfort zone and manifest your life purpose
  • gives you the energy needed to bring your goals to life

Fire dragon

Dragons are archetypes, but are also experience as angelic beings that carry cosmic fire within. As such they can act as our spiritual guides. More and more people are currently opening up to Dragon Energy. Dragons can support you on your spiritual path and help you improve your personal power, wellbeing and healing. 

Fire Dragons element is Fire and he reigns the South.  He tells you to follow your passion and live your dreams!  He loves to help you do, by helping you to overcome any fears that are holding you back. By moving outside of your comfort zone, it becomes possible to manifest your life purpose. Fire Dragon helps you by offering protection, vitality, pupose and assetiveness. He also brings passion into your relationships.

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