Air Dragon

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This beautiful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • connects you to Dragon Energy
  • helps you to change your thought patterns
  • opens you up to more loving and positive thoughts
  • empowers affirmations and wishes

Air Dragon

Dragons are archetypes, but are also experience as angelic beings that carry cosmic fire within. As such they can act as our spiritual guides. More and more people are currently opening up to Dragon Energy. Dragons can support you on your spiritual path and help you improve your personal power, wellbeing and healing. 

This dragon is connected to the element air and the East. Air Dragon helps you change old, limiting thoughts and beliefs and replace them with loving and positive ones. These beliefs may stem from childhood or past lives. As they are removed your heart can be filled with compassion for the lessons these experiences have brought you in the past. In this way new, loving and positive thoughts can come to life. Air Dragon alo empoers your wishes and affirmations. 


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