Angel Dolphin Essence

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This wonderful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • connects you to the angel dolphins, dolphin spirit guides and dolphin energy! 
  • brings joy and fun 
  • helps you to go with the flow
  • opens you up to synchronicities
  • connects you to all that lives

Angel Dolphins

The Angel Dolphins consist of the same pure energy as the angels of light. They are incarnated angels and belong to the angelic realms. They hold the energy of Atlantis and the wisfom of its Golden Age. They are here to open us to that wisdom. As such this essence can be used together with the Angels or Atlantis Essence to connect you to this wonderful energy.

When we made this Essence, the Angel Dolphins told us they are the Oversouls of dolphins on our planet nd they send them love and joy and support them in their very important task on Earth. 

Dolphins and the Angel Dolphins help us live in synchronicity and go with the flow of life, instead of swimming against the current.

Angels Dolphins touch our hearts with their energetic wings to open us up for joy, playfulness and wisdom. 


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