Fairies and Elementals Essence

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This magical Crystal Angel Essence:

  • connects you to nature and elementals
  • brings healing for the earth, animals, trees, fairies and elementals 
  • is wholesome for incarnated fairies (of the earth angel realm) 
  • awakens your inner magic and playfulness!

Fairies and elementals

Fairies and elementals are family of the nature angels and they take care of all that grows and blooms. It is not easy being a fairy in these times of pollution, overpopulation and human disregard. Everytime a tree gets cut without it being sick, the elementals cry. That's why it is so important for us to honour these spirits of nature and work together with them.

Fairies can act as spirit guides to humans, espcially those whose life purpose has to do with conservation of nature or with dancing and singing. Messages from fairies oftentimes come in poems or riddles. They ask us to play, to be present, to be joyful! 

Where rocks and water meet 
We are present
Gateway to other worlds
Enter into faery

Be still and be here
Just this moment in time
Let yourself be guided   
As gurgling waters rhyme

We are the spirits of nature
We are the fair and fey
Be welcome nature lover
Those without love stay away

We are the guardians
Of ancient forests and waters
We are of faeryland
Be present in nature and we will take your hand

To see the beauty around you
In all that lives and breathes
To uncover mother natures secrets
Unlocking you heart’s beliefs

Believe in us and nature
Bring honour to our world
In turn we will bless you
With all that’s good and pure

The fairies ask you to use your imagination in order to connect to them. Only when you treat nature with respect and love, will they show themselves to you. 

And...have fun, be joyful. Those ingredients will open the portal to faerie for you. 

This essence will help you do so and is helpful when conducting healing rituals for the earth. It is THE essence for incarnated fairies and those wishing to make a difference to nature and the environment. 

The last batch of this Crystal Angel Essence is no longer fit for internal use, but remains wonderful for use as an aura spray, rooms spray or to add to your bath. Because it is passed the due date for internal use, it comes at a great discount. 

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