White Whale Essence

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This wonderful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • connects your to Unity consciousness, love, integrity and transparancy 
  • helps you to let go what no longer serves you 
  • helps you to step into your true power
  • helps you walk your highest path
  • connects your to Whale consciousness and helps those conservaring the oceans and whales

White Whale

When the white animals manifest on the Earth, this is a sig of great hope. These magical beings carry the Christ consciousness and they bring Cosmis Love. They remind us of the purity of the soul and its calling. 

White Whale asks us to be brave and let go of our fears so that Cosmic Love can flow in. By doing this we help the whales create a healing, protective matrix oaround our beautiful planet. 

White Whale lets us know we are all one! We are part of the same unity. From this knowingness we can start to live from love, integrity and respect, much like the wise whales doe themselves. 


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