Unicorn Essence

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This magical Crystal Angel Essence:

  • opens you up to your unicorn spirit guide
  • connects you to Higher Knowing and the Christ Consciousness 
  • helps you to keep your intentions pure and focused from the heart


Unicorns are known from fairy tales and myths. 

Diana Cooper describes these spiritual forces of light in “The Wonder of Unicorns” as angelic beings from the seventh dimension. She states that angels manifest the wishes of our hearts and unicorns do this for the wishes of our souls. 

Unicorns have a very pure enegy and they help purify ours. Their goal is to bring the innocence of our Divine Self to the fore and to help remind us of who we truly are. 

They help us with self healing and connecting to our Higher Self. 

Working with the unicorn essence helps you to live from pure intention and from your heart and soul! Our experiences with this essence, as wel as that of clients, is one of lightness of being and great joy! 


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