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Sending a starburst is a loving angelic technique where I ask the angels to send a ball of angelic energy to you. This is not a full healing session such as Angelic Reiki, but can be seen like a positive boost of energy and angelic support in times of need. It can have healing effect in some clients. Clients often are able to feel the energy or feel a lifting of their energy or lookout.  

The starburst can help you find a more positive state of being. It can help bring in energy to help you move beyond the things that are currently blocking you as wel as help you with your positive intentions. Often I will receive certain images during sending the starburst. You will receive an email about anything that came up during the process. 

Please let me know what days and times would be convenient for you in the comments section below. I will send you an email if this is not possible. When we are on holiday, you can see this on the homepage of the webshop and in that case starburst will be scheduled afterwards.

I usually send starbursts in the afternoons of week days. 

You can also send me a photo of yourself to make the proces easier. You can email me at 

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