365 Days of Angel Prayers - second edition

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The 365 Days of Angel Prayers Book  is a gathering of daily angel prayers and essays written by people who work with the angels to manifest joy, healing, deep peace and love. So, if you love and want to work with the angels on a daily basis in a profoundly loving way, you’ve come to the right place!! 

I loved contributing to this book and you will find 20 prayers written by me. On top of that you will read how the angels came to be in my life in the chapter about July!

The book contains prayers by wonderful angel messengers and practitioners and each season of the year is sponsored by a well-known Angel Author or Medium. 

Imagine Receiving the Gift of Knowing:

  • That you are NEVER Alone

  • That you have angels ready to assist you at any moment

  • That you can connect with the angels every day using unique prayers created by a host of Angel communicators!

  • That you are part of a great illumination of love and light on a daily global basis!

You may have noticed that your own intuitive voice is becoming stronger and more confident. This is one of the signs of the times that you are in – times of rapid spiritual growth and the call to remembering that you are a co-creative force with the Divine.

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