Lemurian Aquatine Calcite

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Lemurian Aquatine Calcite is a green/blue to pale blue  form of calcium carbonate from Argentina. 

The energy of this stone is described within its name, Lemurian Aquatine Calcite. The energy is one of “flow” and resonates with the consciousness of the ancient civilization of Lemuria.

The frequency of Lemurian Aquatine Calcite connects to the heart, third eye, crown and upper transpersonal chakras. It supports and soothes one’s emotional body, allowing one to become calm and “flow” with one’s emotions. It helps with negative emotions such as stress, fear, worry and anxiety.

Lemurian Aquatine Calcite allows one to have empathy for others, to be supportive, but not to be consumed by the emotions of others. Its energy helps one to be open to the higher dimensional consciousness and to connect with higher dimensional and angelic beings.

The energy of Lemurian Aquatine Calcite allows one to enter the “dream” level of consciousness so that one can be open and receptive to thoughts, emotions and images from one’s higher levels of consciousness and those of other beings including whales and dolphins. Thus aiding with one’s telepathic abilities.


You can choose to have thise stone activated with a Seed of Light:

Activation / Seeds of Light

I activate these crystals, attuned to the person receiving them. During this procces I place a holographic light code with in the crystal: a Seed of Light.

I received this way of working during my travels through California in the fal of 2017. The Lemurian Master Adama and Archangel Michael, gave me the following information about these Seeds of Light:

"When you ask me from what dimension the Seeds of Light are coming, I tell you the thirteenth dimension. Yet you heard the number eight to start with eight is the infinity sign and as you have noticed when working with the Seeds of Light, there is an endless and infinite reservoir of Seeds of Light. It is Creator Light and when used with pure intention, these Seeds multiply themselves and form an ecological system of recycling and expanding Light. They can bring exponential growth of Light, within the Light Worker, within nature and within the Grid around the Earth.

Depending on the Light Worker who works with the Seeds of Light, their intentions and the goal of the specific Light Work, the Seeds of Light can be brought back to 8th dimensional frequency, though no lower than that. When you look forwards in linear time, future Seeds of Light may hold higher vibrational frequencies than the 13th dimension. But for now this would bring to great a discrepancy with the 'soil' these Seeds will grow in. 

Seeds of Light are small energetic shapes consisting of pure Light frequency with infinite geometric light codes within. Every Seed may develop differently. Just like different physical seeds on earth may grow to be flowers, plants or trees. And like every tree may shape itself differently according to the environment it grows in. Likewise the Seeds of Light may bring forth different shapes, Light codes and forms of healing.  The Seeds of Light are there to serve the ascension of the planet and in accordance the growth of humans and healing of the crystalline grid around the Earth. They help raise the frequency of the people working with them and the areas they are used in. To be able to do this, the Light Worker and Seed of Light need to work together.  Because the Seeds of Light form a field of possibilities. It is the pure and loving intention of the Light Worker that van give it direction."


Use of the activated crystals

Lemurian crystals that have been activated with a Seed of Light can be used in the following ways:

  • To meditate with
  • To heal with by envisioning a perfectly healed state and send this intention into the Seed. The crystal van then be placed on the part of the body that needs the healing. (Always consult a doctor to treat your medical issues as well).
  • To aid in Light Work
  • By placing them into grids in order to focus intention and healing for the earth

Let yourself be led to the right way of working with them. All that is really needed is to work from the pure intention of your soul.

About the activation process

As I attune the crystal specifically for a person, please send a recent photo of yourelf to cathelijne@angellightheart.nl. 

Since 2012 most crystals are relatively open when we receive them. But as the process of being removed from the earth and shipped to us is stressful for the crystal, I first activate the crustal so it can start to radiate its highest light and cosmic blueprint.

After this activation I place the Seed of Light with the help of Archangel Michaël, the Lemurian Masters and oftentimes other Light beings will assist, such as angels, unicorns or dragons. Each activation is unique in this respect.

This takes deep meditation, attention and time, which is what makes up the price of the activated crystal.

I always try to activate the crystal and send it to you with in 4 weeks and wiat for the perfect time to attune it with a Seed of Light. 


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