Petrified wood from the Giant Redwood or Sequoia

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Petrified wood from the Mammoth tree or Giant Sequoia stands for power from heaven to earth, magic power, mystical unity with nature and wild animals and spiritual discipline. These unique trees are recipients of the energy of the sun, the earth, the water and the mineral kingdom. They absorb an enormous amount of light and solar energy, which makes them essentially vital energy batteries. By connecting with these stones we can also learn to recharge ourselves with the energy of the sun and with prana. They radiate the frequency of the 5 elements and are therefore very good for Mother Earth and us humans. The energy of the Giant sequoia is unique, like no other tree on our planet. They have an aura with multiple layers that resemble the structure of that of a human. They are self-aware and have both an individual and a collective consciousness, which is unique to trees. They are the record keepers of the plant kingdom. They know the entire evolution of the earth, they are therefore very much connected with minerals, especially in this petrified form. They are multidimensional and if you meditate with them you can go outside of time, hours can seem like minutes and vice versa, you can also travel to other dimensions because these trees in living bodies are portals to other dimensions. These unique trees were considered intelligent divine beings by ancient sages during enlightened civilizations such as those of Atlantis and Lemuria, just as the Druids did in England with the Oaks, Holly, and Yew. The Giant Sequoia has the highest consciousness of all of the Plant Kingdom. In the time of Mu, not all plants were connected to the earth, some were semi-physical, had an ethereal energy. They lived on prana, just like the people did then. These stones will make us aware of these abilities. The Lemurians understood that the Sequoias radiated certain wavy frequencies that gave rejuvenation and healing, so the energy from these trees was used in healing therapy. Over time, our scientists will find that these trees are energy capacitors. The energy they radiate brings their environment to a higher frequency. These giants have been on this earth for more than 144 million years, they are very old souls. It is therefore a stone for seers and a stone of wisdom. He strengthens the paranormal gifts and removes the fear about this. It is good for the general flow and is good for the veins and purifies the blood. Petrified wood works well for bones and vertebrae and relaxes with stiffness and ensures a better, stable posture. He is also good for throat, ears, eyes, cavities, teeth, molars and he cleanses the liver. He also gives decisiveness when losing weight. Pat the skin with an elixir of the stone if it is itchy or irritated. It is also a talisman and amulet. Petrified wood shows you who you are and what your options are and that you can be happy with that. He also encourages entrepreneurship. This Mammoth tree petrified wood helps you survive in difficult situations, just like these trees survive fires, after which new life can arise because the seeds jump open. They are cloning themselves, making them exact replicas, both mentally and spiritually, as the first were. It is very good for apathetic, anxious and / or nervous people. With unexpected events, he also gives rest to stuck emotions or sadness for the loss of a loved one, he gives support.

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