Sodalite Unicorn 10cm

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This beautiful unicorn is carved in sodalite. The colour is slightly darker in natural light. It is a very wise and solid unicorn. 

It will helpt you to work toward those things that really make your Soul sing with confidence. The unicorn is made from sodalite. Sodalite helps with fear of failure and gives a sense of self-worth. Sodalite is a stone that gives strength and comfort and helps you to continue after a difficult situation. He combines logic with intuition and brings information from the higher mind to the physical body. It stimulates the pineal gland and the third eye and deepens meditation. He creates an urge for truth and idealism, which makes it possible to remain true to yourself and to stand up for your beliefs. It dissolves electromagnetic pollution. This stone ensures harmony and solidarity and the pursuit of a goal in a group of people. He is excellent for the mind, removes mental confusion and stimulates rational thinking, objectivity, truth and intuitive perception. He facilitates the articulation of feelings. Sodalite stimulates the liberation of old mental conditioning. Psychologically he provides emotional balance, dispels old fears, phobias, feelings of guilt and control mechanisms. He increases your self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-confidence.

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