Angel Birthday Reading

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Would you like to give yourself or a loved one a special birthday present? The Angel birthday Reading is just that!

As a Certified Angel Card Reader trained by Doreen Virtue and Raleigh Valentine I love doing this reading for you. A reading will not tell you your fortune or your future. It will merely give you glimpses of possible themes and lessons ahead. We as humans have free will and multiple futures thanks to the choices we make. This reading will help you to enjoy the new year aheadof you and it may help you follow your divine path.

The reading includes:

Your Astrological Angel

Our date of birth is not a coincidence. Your soul chose that date to come to this earth and with it come many themes, lessons and qualities. Each Astrological Sign has its own angel. This angel will be of special help to you.

This year’s theme

This year’s theme will point you in the direction of what is important for you this year and the possible lessons ahead.

This year’s challenge

The card that deals with challenges will either show you the area you may find challenging this year, or it may direct you to solutions to upcoming challenges.

This year’s gift

This card points you in the direction of possible gifts that will help you with the theme and challenges of this year in your life.

12 months preview

An overview is given of the next 12 months. The cards will be of help you be open to what it is you need to know each of the coming months.

Different Card Decks are used for this Reading, most written by Doreen Virtue. The birthday reading usually consist of 8-10 pages and will be sent as a PDF to your inbox.


​I usually send them within 14 days after payment. Should there be a waiting list, then you will be told in advance.

Please send an email to after placing your order. Please include your full name, date of birth, and a recent photo. I will do the reading within 1-2 weeks after payment. Should there be a waiting time, I will let you know about this in advance.


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