Dragon Reading

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Draken zijn bekend uit oude legenden en staan daarin niet altijd goed te boek. Toch zijn deze gidsen nu meer en meer bij bewuste mensen om hen te helpen op hun pad. Ze brengen licht naar de aarde en wanneer je met ze werkt, krijg je een sterk elementaire kracht en wijsheid tot je beschikking. 

This reading connect you to the energy of the dragons as we call in their help to gain insights about your theme of question. 

During the reading I will tune in to see if there are any dragon spirit guides present with you. If not, with your permission, I will invite them into your life. 

Next I tune into your question of theme and work with one of the following oracle decks to bring you insights, clarity and sometimes confirmation. 

  • Dragon Oracle by Cathelijne Filippo
  • Oracle of the Dragonfae van Lucy Cavendish

Should you have a preference for any of these, please let me know. After ordering this reading, please send me an email at cathelijne@angellightheart.nl with your photo and theme or question for the reading. The reading will be a voicerecording sent to you by email as well as an email with pictures of the cards themselves. A recording usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on your question and what comes through. I will take some time before hand to attune to you and the fairies and will send everything to you afterward. 

Waiting time is usually two weeks. I will let you know if more time is needed. If there is a very urgent situation or question, let me know and we will be in contact to see if I can help you more quickly. 


The base for this reading is my training as a Certified Fairyologist with Doreen Virtue as wel as my work for the past years with both the elemental and angelic kingdoms, including angels, faires, dragons and unicorns.I am also a Certified Realm Reader en Certified Angel Card Reader (done with Doreen in Londen). Lastly I am an angeltherapycoach and Angelic Reiki Teacher. 


"I found my fairy reading from Cathelijne very accurate and exactlyy what I needed to hear. I could sense the fairy energy around Cathelijne as she was reading for me. I liked the fact that she asked me to connect to them too. Thank you so much." Jude, United Kingdom



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