Atlantis Reading

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Atlantis Reading

More and more people feel a connection with the energy of Atlantis. Espeically the energy of Golden Atlantis is now awakening in those who  have lived during Atlantean times. When you feel Atlantis resonate within you, this reading can help you find a deeper connection to it and possible lives in that time and place. 

The Reading consists of the following:

Your life path number

During Atlantean times there was much knowledge of the innate meaning and power of numbers. In this reading you will receive information about your life path number, based on your date of birth. This will tell you about the lessons and challenges to do with your life path. 

you will find which gemstones and crystals will be of help to you and your life path number. 

Atlantis Triangle

In the Atlantis trianglel you will receive three cards from the Atlantis Set of Diana Cooper. This readig will give you insight into three aspects that are currently influencing your lifen:


Challenge                          Gift

We all come to this world to learn and experience. This is how the soul can grow. Often we find ourselves living through the same themes and lessons again and adain. The theme in this reading will help you see what lesson is in your cards for this year. 

We grow through challenges. As such this card will show you what challenge or theme is there to help you grow. 

Lastly life is full of small gifts and blessings, as long as we are open to it. This card point you in the right direction to see which gift(s) will help you with the theme and challenge at hand. 

Working with gemstones and crystals

The people of Atlantis lived and worked with gemstones. Gemstones were of great importance for. healing, spirituality, technology and society.

In this life you can work with crystals to improve your life. They usually find you when you are readt and can come to you as a gift, or you may feel drawn to them in a shop. 

Your crystal oversoul

To help you tap into the wonderful, healing workings of the crystals, your reading will show you which crystal oversoul is ready to work with you. 

Prognosis for the coming twelve months with the Angels of Atlantis

you will receive a month by month guidance about the coming 12 months. Every month will be guided by an angel of Atlantis and theme. 

you can work with these themes and call in the help of your angels during the year! As such you can start to experience how it was in Golden Atlantis, when humans walked hand in hand with angels. 

Please send an email with you full name, date of birthand a recent photo. to I usually make the reading within 1-2 weeks after payment. Should there be a longer waiting list, then I will let you know. 


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