Archangel Muriel Essence

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This powerful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • helps to deal with your sensitivity
  • brings harmony
  • clarifies your thoughts and helps you make the right decisions on your life path
  • strengthens your intuition
  • helps those working with the sea or caring about the oceans and ocean life to make a positive change
  • excellent essence for those who are incarnated merpeople, dolphins and merangels or who resonate with mermaid energy

Archangel Muriel

Archangel Muriel is one of the lesser-known Archangels. As I have a deep connection to the see and am both incarnated angel and part merangel, I felt very drawn to creating an essence capturing the lovely energy of the angel. She is known for her help with self reflection and working with dolphins and other creatures from the sea.  She radiates such pure love. The heart chakra is the gate through which her love enters your being. As such you may want to specifically spray this essence in front of the heart chakra.  By opening your heart, you will be able to experience her loving energy more directly.  She helps you to open your heart, lighten up your thoughts and this will enable you to make better choices for yourself and your life. As such limiting thoughts will no longer limit your functioning and Being.  

This can bring about a process of forgiveness as well. You can let go of fear and start to make decisions from your Higher Heart instead of just the mind. As such you will vibrate to love and light more and more and this lightness helps you to connect to nature, elementals and especially the elementals, angels and beings of the sea. 

Light workers who wish to heal the seas and oceans can use this essence together with White Whale and Angel Dolphin. 

The last batch of this Crystal Angel Essence is no longer fit for internal use, but remains wonderful for use as an aura spray, rooms spray or to add to your bath. Because it is passed the due date for internal use, it comes at a great discount. 

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