Archangel Jeremiel Essence

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This beautiful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • brings hopeful visions and dreams
  • strengthens clairvoyance and other psychic gifts
  • helps evaluate your life path and taking positive steps upon it
  • gives encouragement
  • helps lower fear
  • brings in positive life changes

Archangel Jeremiel

Archangel Jeremiels name means “Grace of God”. He is also known are the angel Ramiel of Remiel. Jeremiel is the angel who helps us with our life review after we leave this earth. Thankfully we do not have to wait until we pass over to evaluate our life. Jeremiel will gladly help you with this and will point you in the right direction of your True Path in Life. He will help you find the first doable steps on that path. 

Jeremiel also brings in hopeful visions and dreams. Though this he communicates the hopeful messages from Father/Mother God especially to those who feel beaten down by life and worries. Jeremiel helps you learn from your mistakes and move forward with new gusto. 

As such you can also ask for his help when you are in a difficult situation that brings you fear, such as fear of failure, rejection or death. 

He will also be able to help you interpret your dreams and visions and develop you psychic gifts. Pay attention to your dreams when using this essence! You may find lots of guidance in them.

The last batch of this Crystal Angel Essence is no longer fit for internal use, but remains wonderful for use as an aura spray, rooms spray or to add to your bath. Because it is passed the due date for internal use, it comes at a great discount.  

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