Archangel Haniel Essence

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This beautiful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • helps you to awaken your spiritual gifts and trust in them

  • strengthens your intuition, clairvoyance and healing gifts

  • heals the feminine aspects of your being

  • connects you to the Divine Feminine, the powers of the moon and your Divine Self

Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel is known as The Grace of God. She governs the seventh sefira of the kabbala (Netzach) which is related to the inner world of our intuition, imagination and emotions. Haniel is linked to the Divine Feminine principles en helps us develop those within our own being. This is the receiving aspect of your intuition. You could say archangel Haniel carries Goddess like aspects. 

You can call on this angel at the full moon, especially when there are things you wish to heal and let go of, including emotional pain.

This is an excellent essence to sue during the full moon meditation I share on my blog

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