Archangel Nathaniel Essence

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This beautiful and fiery essence:

  • ignites your inner passion and helps you live you true passion 
  • helps making life choices and deal with change
  • helps you live your soul purpose
  • brings purifying Cosmic Fire
  • strengthens your paranormal abilities
  • helps manifest your intentions
  • gives energy, focus and motivation
  • breaks through procrastination
  • helps let go of the past
  • purifies your path
  • helps you stand in your true power
  • is a great assistance in crystal healing and therapy

Archangel Nathaniel

This archangel will help you truly live your passions. When you are ready to take the next step in your life, he is your angel. But be ready to buckle up!

This angel is the Angel of Fire, the Angel of Energy, The Angel of Purification as wel as Divinity and Life Purpose. 

He will help you manifest the goals of your soul. He will send you the right information and signs to take the right steps. He is a wonderful motivator. Be ready to let go of procrastination and really move forward!


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