Archangel Ariel Essence

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This loving essence:

  • Connects you to nature, nature spirits and elementals
  • Helps heal animals
  • Helps animal healers, communicators, vets and dog walkers with their work
  • Inspires those who have a calling to environmental work
  • Strengthens your manifestation power
  • Brings abundance and new beginnings
  • Brings back our inner sparkle

Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel is the angel of nature. She connect you to the healing energy and spirit of nature. She is often seen as a female angel, though angels are androgynous beings. Ariels name means "Lion or Lioness of God." She is both seen as the guardian of nature as well as one who punishes those who choose to serve the dark. 

Ariel is a powerful healer who often works together with archangel Raphael, espeically when animals need healing. She helps all who have a calling to work with animals and nature. 

She helps you connect to your pet, create a sanctuary in your garden and take care of nature. She stimulates humans to connect to nature and the elementals.

She will help you let go of the past en make a fresh start. As such she helps you to let go of procrastination and take positive steps. You can call on her when you feel stuck. She will help you manifest your dreams and live in a more joyful and playful manner. 

She will then help you manifest abundance!


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