Personalized magical wand to help you focus your intentions

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  • What are our dreams and wishes?
  • What would you like to manifesti n your life? 
  • What patterns of thought and behaviour would you like to change? 
  • What would you ike to attract (more of) in your life? 
  • What makes your soul sing? 


Magic Wands can help you do just that. They focus and project magical force and are often used to mark out magical boundaries - like circles within which you can safely perform magical functions like spells, conjuring of magical beings or astral travel. While in a magically prescribed circle - drawn with a wand - you are protected from negative forces.  You can also use a wand to focus and project healing positive force.  The only limit is your imagination.  

All my wands are made with love, light and positive intention. They are attuned to the magical beings and sprayed with Crystal Angel Essences to raise their vibration. 


Personalized wand

I am now making special wands to help bring positive energy to specific goals and intentions. You can gvie me free reign, or let me know which colours you prefer. I use different gemstones and those will be picked based on your intention and my intuition.  


What to do?

Pelase send me an emai after placing your order with your full name, date of birth, a recent photo and your specific intention(s). 

I usually make the wand within two weeks, after which it is shipped to wherever you ar ein the world. Should you need it for a specific date, be sure to let me know in advance and I will try my best to accommodate.

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