Star Seed Essence

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This beautiful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • supports Star Seeds (always known as Incarnated Star People) 
  • helps them spread their Star Light
  • helps those who do not feel at home on Earth
  • helps connect to Galactic Masters, extraterrestials of Light, Ascended Mastera and spiritual dimensions, including ones own Higher Self 

Star Seeds

This is a great essence for earth angels known as Incarnated Starpeople, also known as Star Seeds. Star Seeds carry special star light to help in the ascension of the planet. Many of the people currently incarnated carry this Star Seed within, which brings a loving vibration. These are the people who help through practical, daily deeds that often go unnoticed. They have brought this Light to spread it on earth in their own unique way. Yet they oftenfeel misunderstood and miss a connection to others and the planet. Which can give feelings of loneliness and homesickenss.

Their lesson is to be who they are, spread their unique Light and realizing everyone is unique and has a special place and task on the planet. 

The Galactic Masters can be called in with this essence and are a great support for those who are Starpeople or Star Seeds. These Masters will offer support and comfort to heal past hurts. They will help you to shine your beautiful light and will help you feel at home on this Earth. 

The last batch of this Crystal Angel Essence is no longer fit for internal use, but remains wonderful for use as an aura spray, rooms spray or to add to your bath. Because it is passed the due date for internal use, it comes at a great discount. 

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